Ronny A. Nilsen

Born 3/4-66


University of Oslo, Candidata Magisterii at the Department of Informatics.
University of Oslo, Candidata Scientiarum at the Department of Informatics.


Development section at the Universities IT-services department (USIT): Multimedia development over IP and participant in the ESPRIT MICE project and the Uninett MUNIN project - A System for Distance Education and Remote Collaboration based on Real Time Multimedia Communication over IP Networks. Involved with IETF to standardize multicasting protocols and other multimedia protocols.
Senior engineer at the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo. UNIX and system programming.
Head of systems group (13 employees) and chief engineer at the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo. Responsible for operations of the departments network, computers, users and software development. Also board member at the (same) Department of Informatics.
Telenor Nextel: Project leader and programmer for Ipv6 project to make the first commercial IPv6 network in Norway (project was later stopped). Also made a configuration system for automatic remote configuration of all Cisco routers used by Telenor Nextel.
Infostream/Manamind: Senior system architect and project leader. Mostly web-based and Java projects. Was also involved in the development of Infostream Publish, a web publishing system used today by Oberon (a spin off of Manamind). Some of my work during this period is listed below:
Head of development group in Infostream ASP (6 employees), and leader of site building group (web solutions) in Infostream ASA (5 employees).
Product manager Manamind Collect, with development team in Oslo and Stockholm.
Consultant at Ahold/ICA, programmer and chief architect for the Merchandising suite (Java, J2EE, Websphere and XML). Main objective was to create and maintain a common architecture and methodology in the Merchandising suite of projects. The projects was developed in combination in Oslo (Store, Price and Merchandising projects) and Stockholm (Promotion project). This was a large project as each sub-project had 5-8 programmers in addition to a central architect team of 4 working with me directly to create cross project solutions.

Other information

Fluent in English, both oral and written.