I have made three trips to Svalbard and Spitsbergen.

In 1997 we was in San Diego, and drove a rental car on the west coast of USA ending up in San Fransico and In 1999 we was in Seattle and Washington.

In september 2002 we went on a 3 weeks trip to Tanzania.

In may 2004 we traveld to Australia to get married and have our honeymoon there.

In october 2005 we was on a vacation in Cran Canaria.

In april 2005 and 2006 I had a vacation in Alfriston, England and did a pub crawl. You can find some pictures and notes from this here..

Oh, how i'd like to travel

Jodi Right

I lie awake each night
Staring at the ceiling
Following each crack
Finding new routes

Oh, how Id like to travel
Somewhere new,
Somewhere old,
Somewhere where the people;
Sing merrily
Dance happily

Oh, how Id like to travel
On a plane,
On a boat,
On something that will get me there;
Fast, like a soaring bird
Safely, like a locked room

Oh, how Id like to travel
To see the sunset of a new horizon
To smell the sweet smells of newness
Like the delicious croissants;
Of France
Like the finest chocolates
Of Belgium
Like the mouth watering tomatoes
Of Spain
To taste each one would full
A delicacy unknown to my taste buds.

Oh, how Id like to travel
Could be anywhere
It doesnt have to be far
Because like every crack
It can be long route or,
It can be short route