Norén's Special Edition

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This is the story of a Smith & Wesson 686 that, according to Supica and Nahas's standard catalog of Smith & Wesson, left the factory sometime in 1996.

As i live in Norway this gun is only used in competions, so all work on the gun has been done to improve it's potential as a competion gun.

The buy

I bougth this gun new in the store (Intersport i Bogstadveien) in may 1998. The gun had an excelent trigger right out of the box, but that was really not by accident, as I was allowed to test all 5 guns of this model that the store had in stock and could pick the one I wanted. Add yes, I have bougth some guns in that that store.

The first gunsmith job

The first tuning of the gun was done rigth after the gun was bought, and was a simple tuning of the trigger action done at the store where the gun was bought. After this the gun hade fine DA and SA trigger pull.

The gun was a joy to shoot, but I never managed to find a load that would give me a good precision.

The second gunsmith job

To improve the gun further I hade a gunsmith (Břrselars) install a pressure point for use in DA shooting.

At the same time I had the gunsmith replace the original frontsight and backsight with somthingt better. This in the hope that precision would improve. Unfortunatly I do not have any pictures of those sigths.

The new sights was good, but I could still not find a load that was any good in the gun, and I hade tried a lot of different load, both my own reloads, and factory loads.

This work was done in the fall of 2002 while I was on vacation in Tanzania climbing Kilimanjaro. I had also gotten a pair of Nill grips for the revolver the year before.

Even with new sights the gun would not shoot very god. I got groups under half the size shooting onehanded with a S & W model 60 at 25 meters as compared to this gun shot with both hands and support. Something was obviously wrong with the gun.

In the national championships in 2004 i had the barrel measured, and it turnet out to have a diameter of just .351.

The Norén's Special Edition

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The time had come to fix this gun once and for all. And in april 2005 I sent it to Magnum Lćr, wich is a operation run by a father and son. They are probably the best gunsmiths in Norway on S & W revolvers. They install a new Douglas match barrel, and put on a rail with the front and rear sights, in addition to a complete trigger job.

I got the gun back in August 2005, and the trigger is now completely smooth. Like pulling a warm knife in soft butter. The pictures tells the rest. As of this writing I have not yet had the time to testshoot the gun.

As normal holster no longer will fit the Norén's Special Edition, I also ordered a handmade holster made by Norén.