Pistol competition

Pistol competition

Løvenskiold, Bærum / June 2004

Competition shooting with pistols and revolvers is my number one hobby. I became a member of Bærum Pistolklubb in 1995, and I have since had competition shooting with pistols and revolvers as my hobby.

I have been the webmaster for the clubs website since we went on-line in 1997 and until may 2008. The old content of the site can be now be found here. I have written anumber of articles on pistol shooting, and you can find them all on the PSI website, but I'm afraid everything on that site is in Norwegian.

Good Shot

Nikhil Parekh

I chose a man slender and skinny,
draped his body in leather skin of witchcraft black,
pierced his earlobe with beads of silver,
tonsured his scalp with corrugated edge of
sprinkled his cheek with perfumed cologne,
divested his blood of every sedative,
tied him to a square wooden chair with cushioned
drenched him completely with pure spring water,
aligned him straight so as to face me in the eye,
placing him a good 50 feet away,
gazed through the tiny glass nozzle of my bronze
to get a proficient crystal clear aim.

i began by placing a large melon on his shaven scalp,
pierced it into flying splinters in the first shot
i then stuck a medium sized apple with sprouting leaf,
closed an eye and ruptured the fruit into infinite
a peeled orange on his head looked blissfully pretty,
was a gruesome sight to witness as poisonous lead
ripped through its body.
it was now the turn of a minuscule violet grape,
the handcuffed man looked in growing disbelief,
he was now sure of death fast approaching,
as a loud voice shook the stillness of the jungle air,
the violet grape lay punctured and lifeless on the
shouts of new found joy emanated from his throat,
he then ended our brief encounter by wildly